SC 2012

NSWTA State Cup 2012 28.12.12
The 2012 New South Wales Touch Association (NSWTA) State Cup has been completed for yet another year.  In the Premier League Semi Final the Sea Eagles were beaten by the Wollongong Devils 4-2 with Chloe Cheney and Brittney McLeod scoring for Manly.  It's the third year running that the team have bowed out in the semi final, however it was another year of successful milestones for this young team.  In the Women's 20's division the undefeated girls lost in a drop-off to the eventual winners the Wallsend Wolves.  Congratulations to the Women's Opens B's who defeated the Parramatta Eels in their Final 5-2 to take out the winners title.  The Manly Sea Eagles were the 2012 State Cup Club Champions, congratulations to the MWTA Executive for all their hard work and this is a much deserved result.  Award winners from the year can be found below with all the scores via the Sportingpulse website.  All photo's from State Cup can be found here.

Friday 7th Dec
Manly Sea Eagles 10 defeated UNSW Bullets 0
Touchdowns:  Alex Wallace 2, Brittney McLeod, Chloe Cheney, Danni Davis, Elesha Dougal, Jenna Hitch, Justine Johnston, Sam Rodgers, Sarah Peattie

Manly Sea Eagles 12 defeated Canterbury Bulldogs (2) 0
Touchdowns: Sarah Peattie 3, Brittney McLeod 2, Hannah Dyball 2, Laura Peattie 2, Elesha Dougal, Justine Johnston, Yasmin Meakes

Saturday 8th Dec
Manly Sea Eagles 5 defeated Port Macquarie 0
Touchdowns: Yasmin Meakes 2, Chloe Cheney, Laura Peattie, Sarah Peattie

Manly Sea Eagles 3 defeated Penrith 0
Touchdowns: Brittney McLeod, Danni Davis, Yasmin Meakes

Easts Roosters 4 defeated Manly Sea Eagles 1
Touchdowns: Sam Rodgers

Manly Sea Eagles 3 defeated Parramatta 1
Touchdowns: Laura Peattie, Rachael Cleave, Sarah Peattie

Sunday 9th Dec
Semi Final: Wollongong Devils 4 defeated Manly Sea Eagles 2
Touchdowns: Brittney McLeod, Chloe Cheney

Touchdowns For: 39      Touchdowns Against: 9
Top Touchdowns: Sarah Peattie 6, Yasmin Meakes 5, Brittney McLeod 5, Laura Peattie 4

Women's Premier League Vawdon Cup Player of the Year Elesha Dougal
Women's Premier League State Cup Players Player – Elesha Dougal
Women's Premier League State Cup Coaches Awards – Brittney McLeod & Yasmin Meakes
Women's Premier League & 20's Rising Star Award – Hannah Dyball (Inaugural Winner)

Women's Division 1 Vawdon Cup Player of the Year – Steph Maiolo
Women's 20's State Cup Players Player – Tayla Clifford & Steph Maiolo
Barry Gibson Perpetual Trophy –  Barry Gibson (Inaugural Winner)

Premier League: Alex Wallace, Brittney McLeod, Chloe Cheney, Danni Davis, Elesha Dougall, Hannah Dyball, Jenna Hitch, Justine Johnston, Laura Peattie, Nicky Albery, Rachael Cleave, Sam Rodgers, Sarah Peattie, Yasmin Meakes.

20's: Aleya Wiggins, Bec Beath, Charmayne Nathan, Emma Williams, Georgia Wallace, Jess Fowler, Jessica Shanahan, Jorja McDonald, Kate Devlin, Sam Donlan, Shellie Davis, Stephanie Maiolo, Tayla Clifford, Zara Nicholas.