NTL Scorps 2011

NTL 2011 – Elite 8 NSW Scorpions Women’s Opens Scorpions Medal Winner – Brittney McLeod
NTL 2011 – Elite 8 NSW Scorpions Women’s Opens Players Player Award – Laura Peattie

NTL 2011 – Sydney Scorpions Women’s Opens Scorpions Medal Winner – Emma Crerar

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TFA Article In the eleventh edition of In The Spotlight, the New South Wales Scorpions’ Sarah Peattie speaks about her team’s preparation in the lead up to the Elite Eight.

How does it feel to be a part of the 2011 Elite Eight series?  It feels so great to be a part of a new tournament and concept for elite Touch. It is going to be really competitive and a real challenge for every team.
How is your team’s preparation going in the lead up to the event?  The Scorps girls have been training really well and we’ve had a lot of fun. Tash (coach – Tony El Takchi) is teaching us a lot and keeping us all together so it will be interesting to see how we go in a proper game. 
What would you say are the strengths of your team?   I’d say our strengths are the combination of young players and experienced players, as well as having coaches who are current players and extremely knowledgeable. It has allowed us to share ideas and experiences and I think this really makes us strong. 
Who do you expect to be your toughest opponentsEvery team is going to be our toughest competitor. Every game and every team poses a different threat and so I think that this, as well as the nature of the Elite Eight series, makes it impossible to say which team will be our toughest competitor.

What would it mean to you to win the Elite Eight seriesIt would be so awesome to win the Elite Eight series and it would be a credit to all of the hard work the girls and our coaches have done in the lead-up to the series. Also to say that we have won the first Elite Eight series would be incredible! To overcome all of the talent that will be on display would be a great achievement.