2015 Sea Eagles GenNext Youth & Junior Eagles Squads

Manly Women’s Touch would like to announce their updated GenNext squads.  Due to the popularity of this programme we now have two squads, those being GenNext Youth & GenNext Junior Eagles.  This is a similar concept that we have used with success in previous years.

Initial Dates: Fri 24 July & Fri 31 July 5.45pm-6.45pm @ Narrabeen Sports High All Weather Field
Venue: Narrabeen Sports High @ 10 Namona St, North Narrabeen 2101
RSVP: No need to RSVP just turn up on the night in your Manly colours!

GenNext Youth Squad – This includes our Vawdon Cup Youth team plus girls that played U14’s Junior State Cup in 2015.  The squad will train together as part of our Youth team Vawdon Cup training sessions which take place on Tuesday evenings through the year and Friday evenings in July – the full schedule is available below.  Any eligible player that wishes to be added to the squad can do so via

GenNext Junior Eagles – This includes girls that turned 12  this year and played U12’s Junior State Cup, plus any younger U12’s by request.  A number of development  training sessions will be held during the year, with details published on our website and via the MWTA Facebook page. This squad will not be training each week with the Vawdon Cup squads.  Any eligible player that wishes to be added to the squad can do so via

2015 GenNext Junior Eagles (22 players as at 25/07/15) – Ailie Russell, Annabel Gallacher, Audrey Little, Brearna Nathan, Charlotte Scott, Grace Carpenter, Hannah Lovlin, Jamie Brown, Jasper Daddo, Josephine Carlile, Laila Pincus, Lara Nievergelt, Lauren Geddes, Lucy Forrest, Maddie Binding, Malayika Russell, Sabrina Zochling, Sailor Perrett, Sara Ryan, Sarah Mazaraki, Tully Roberts, Summer Syron.

2015 GenNext Youth Squad (29 players as at 22/07/15) – Abbey Steanes, Anna Forrest, Bailee Radford, Bella Geros, Billie Taylor, Caitlin Hickey, Campbell Reimer, Francesca Curtin, Georgie Forrest, Isabella Beach, Jade Geros, Gemma Wickham, Jessie Purvis, Jordan McMahon, Kate Ryan, Kiana Kipa, Lily Marsters, Lucy McDonald, Maddi McGrath, Maddie Ashby, Madielyn Nolan, Mia Wilson, Mya Geros, Rachel Fear, Sophie Wickham, Tasma Woolley, Tayla Browne, Teagan Long, Tia Geros.

ManlyWomens PL Sea Eagle Logo - Gennext

2014 Sea Eagles Junior Eagles, Youth Academy & Vawdon Cup Squads

GenNext (Junior Eagles & Youth Academy) 2014 Training Sessions:
Friday 11 July 2014, 5.30pm-6.30pm @ Narrabeen Sports High
Friday 18 July 2014, 5.30pm-6.30pm @ Narrabeen Sports High
Friday 25 July 2014, 5.30pm-6.30pm @ Narrabeen Sports High
Friday 1 August 2014, 5.30pm-6.30pm @ Narrabeen Sports High

Manly Warringah Touch Association is pleased to announce the launch of our 2014 and beyond GenNext Junior Development programme. The objective of this programme is to develop our players so that in the future they can represent the Sea Eagles at a senior level through Vawdon & State Cup, and beyond this to NTL/Elite 8, NSW and Australian level. GenNext is comprised of four squads – two Boys and two Girls. These include our Junior Eagles (10-12’s) and our Youth Academy (14-16’s) squads. Our Junior Eagles is the U10’s & U12’s programme and targeted at our youngest playing group. Our Youth Academy is primarily for U14’s & U16’s, excluding those players that are over 14 years of age and playing Vawdon Cup. The squads are listed below and if any player wishes to join please get in contact and you will be added to the appropriate squad. For each squad there will four Friday night development skills sessions at Narrabeen Sports High with the dates and times below. No RSVP of attendance is required; the players are just requested to turn up on the night in their touch gear ready to go. During October 2014 there will be another single Development Day during the School Holidays, similar to the past few years.

On-hand at these sessions will be our Junior State Cup and Vawdon Cup coaches. Additionally our Premier League players will also be involved, with many of these players being current NSW & Australian representatives. Further player information is available via our Sea Eagles Representative Touch Pathways document. Our Manly Sea Eagles Women’s 2014 Vawdon Cup can also be found below. Players can still nominate to be added via the survey which can be accessed here. Pre-season trials and training for the upcoming 2014 season will commence on Friday 4th July 2014 at Narrabeen Sports High all weather surface. These will continue for four weeks with additional sessions on Tuesday evenings, with Vawdon Cup getting underway on Friday 8th August, 2014. For further information please make contact via email.

Manly Sea Eagles Girls Junior Eagles (10’s & 12’s): Charlee Evers, Dahlai Arrastia, Holly Wickham, Imogen Sayer, Jessie Taylor, Kelly Kate, Lucy Forrest, Mischa Morrell, Olivia Rose Inkster, Piper Simons, Sarah Mazaraki, Zara Halliday, Ailie Russell, Ellie Douglas, Grace Carpenter, Isabella Geros, Jordan McMahon, Kiiahla Duff, Laila Pincus, Lily Marsters, Maddi McGrath, Sabrina Zochling, Sailor Perrett, Sara Ryan, Sascha Taurins, Sienna Hearn, Zoe Michael, Hannah Lovlin, Mackenzie Davies, Lucia Curtin, Hayley Birch, Luci Carpenter, Katia Bjorkmann, Lauren Geddes.

Manly Sea Eagles Girls Youth Academy (14’s & 16’s): Campbell Reimer, Faith Nathan,Kate Ryan, Lily Schnitzler, Lucy Mcdonald, Madison Ashby, Mya Geros, Pihuka Duff, Rachel Fear, Sariah Paki, Sophie Wickham, Tasma Woolley, Tianah Geros, Anna Forrest, Bailee Radford, Billie Taylor, Claire Waddington, Eliza Wright, Emma Smith, Francesca Curtin, Francesca Elder, Jessica Purvis, Jessica West, Mia Wilson, Olivia Mills, Rebecca Farrell, Tayla Browne, Gemma Wickham, Jaala Harrison, Isabella Beach, Jade Geros. NB: Does not include players that have nominated for Vawdon Cup.

Manly Sea Eagles Vawdon Cup Squad (48 players): Abbey Steanes, Bec Beath, Brittany Skewes, Brittney Clifford, Brittney McLeod, Chloe Cheney, Chloe Donovan, Chloe Scranage, Claudia Mete, Crystal Maguire, Danielle Davis, Drew Alexander, Elesha Dougal, Ellie-May Asprey, Emma Crerar, Emma Williams, Gloria Berryman, Hannah Dyball, Holly Shorter, Janina King, Jenna Hitch, Jess Fowler, Jess Shanahan, Jorja McDonald, Kasey Dragisic, Kate Devlin, Kelly Nicholas, Kristie Leonard, Laura Coleman, Laura Peattie, Lisa Fiaola, Maddison Hartmann, Michelle Garnett, Nicky Albery, Paige French, Rachael Cleave, Roha Paki, Samantha Rodgers, Sarah Peattie, Shaylee Brunell, Shellie Davis, Steph Maiolo, Tayla Clifford, Tayla Fraser, Teagan Wilson, Tully Marr, Yasmin Meakes, Zara Nicholas.

2013 Sea Eagles Junior Eagles & Youth Academy

Our Junior Development Squad for 2013 has been relaunched as our Sea Eagles Junior Eagles & Youth Academy and letters have been sent to players with further information. The Sea Eagles Youth Academy is primarily for U14 girls who are currently not old enough for Vawdon or Senior State Cup and they are invited to train with our Vawdon Cup squad on Friday evenings as per below. Our Junior Eagles is our U10’s & U12’s development programme. For the Junior Eagles there will be a number of development training sessions (dates below) along with Friday night sessions at Narrabeen Sports High listed below. Our aim is to develop these girls so that in the future they can represent the Sea Eagles at Vawdon & State Cup – and beyond this at NSW and Australia level. The current squads are below and if you have an interest in being involved please get in contact via Further player representative information is available via Sea Eagles Representative Touch Pathways.

Junior Eagles Squad & Training Dates (U10’s & U12’s): Ailie Russell, Caitlin Hickey, Destiny Halo, Francesca Curtin, Grace Carpenter, Holli Raaf, Isabella Geros, Kate Ryan, Kiiahla Duff, Laila Pincus, Layla Ritchie, Lily Marsters, Lily Schnitzler, Lucy McDonald, Maddi McGrath, Maddie Binding, Mia Wilson, Mya Geros, Pihuka Duff, Sabrina Zochling, Sara Ryan, Sariah Paki, Sascha Taurins, Sienna Hearn, Sophie Wickham, Tasma Woolley, Tayla Browne, Teagan Long, Tia Geros, Zoe Michael, Zoey Miller. Coordinators: Matt Scranage & Christian Browne
Friday 12 July – 6.00pm-7.00pm @ Narrabeen Sports High
Friday 26 July – 6.00pm-7.00pm @ Narrabeen Sports High
Friday 2 August – 6.00pm-7.00pm @ Narrabeen Sports High

Sea Eagles Youth Academy Squad & Training Dates (U14’s): Aaliyah Paki, Abbey Steanes, Brittney Clifford, Chloe Scranage, Ellie May Asprey, Gemma Wickham, Holly Duggan, Isabella Beach, Jaala Harrison, Lily Heath, Logan Glasson, Maddison Hartman, Paige French, Rachel Fear, Tully Marr. Coordinators: Jamie Clifford & Barry Gibson
Friday 19 July – 6.00pm-7.30pm @ Narrabeen Sports High
Friday 26 July – 6.00pm-7.30pm @ Narrabeen Sports High
Friday 2 August – 6.00pm-7.30pm @ Narrabeen Sports High

2011 Manly Junior Development Squad

Please find the updated 2011 Junior Development Squad. The squad will be updated throughout the year with girls given the opportunity to periodically train with the Premier League team and participate in the Mentor Buddy Programme which has been launched this season. Additionally, some girls will have the opportunity to play in the Vawdon Cup Division 1 team which will act as the feeder team for the Premier League squad.
Taela Fiaola, Alex Wallace, Brittany Skewes, Jess Fowler, Samantha Donlan, Eliza Parish, Charmayne Nathan, Tahnee Divine, Georgia Wallace, Emma Williams, Stephanie Miaolo, Georgia Toovey, Tayla Clifford, Rebecca Fear, Shellie Davis, Hannah Dyball, Claire Vanzino, Jane Vanzino, Georgette Randall, Nicole Saldern, Jessica Shanahan, Aleya Wiggins, Zara Nicholas, Chloe Cheney, Sam Rodgers

2011 Manly Junior Development Squad & Elite Training Camp

Many thanks to all involved for a highly successful training camp that took place on Sunday 26th June, 2011 at TG Millner. The Premier League squad were put through their paces early on with a Strength & Conditioning session with Brendan Mott. Stacey Hitch then provided a sensational lunch to top off a good morning session. Then the Junior Development Squad joined for the afternoon session with the young girls having a chance to listen to Jenna Hitch, Rachael Cleave, Nicky Albury and Justine Johnston as they described their experiences at NSW & Australian level and the commitment required to play at the top level.