Fund Raising

Bunnings Narrabeen BBQ’s:

In an effort to make the fundraising process fair we have agreed upon the following model. When either a player/coach/manager or a member of their family (i.e. mum, dad, etc.) or partner (i.e. husband/boyfriend etc.) help out at a fundraising event they will get 1 point. Once they reach 2 points their duties for the year are complete. They are more than welcome to keep helping but every one of the entire Vawdon Cup squad, players and coaches/managers etc. must get at least 2 points to receive the full financial benefits.  There may be some of the Vawdon Cup squad that cannot reach 2 points due to other commitments which will be reviewed.

2016 dates are as follows:
30/01/16 – JSC
06/02/16 – JSC

18/06/16 – Complete
Set-up Sandra Dyball & Stacey Hitch
AM Hannah Dyball, Michelle Gibson, Mel Scranage, Laura Peattie, Kellie Grawich
PM Kellie Grawich, Lynda Robertson, Sandra Dyball, Anna Forrest, Sascha Taurins, Jordan McMahon

16/07/16 – State of Origin Camp
03/09/16 – State of Origin Series
15/10/16 – Blues Awards Dinner

Points status as at end of Season 2015 following our first School Holidays Dev Day and BBQ’s as listed below.

SH1087 Dec. 21 11.13

SH2374 Jun. 21 12.56

SH531 Sep. 09 20.28 SH532 Sep. 09 20.31
SH415 Aug. 17 12.30

SH417 Aug. 17 12.30     SH416 Aug. 17 12.30

SH331 Aug. 05 08.58

SH193 Jul. 01 12.16

SH329 Aug. 05 08.56