Feedback Process

Effective and timely feedback is a critical component of a successful performance management program and should be used in conjunction with setting performance goals. Players need to know in a timely manner how they’re doing, what’s working, and what’s not. As such season 2014 saw the introduction of our new Manly Women’s Feedback process.

The objective of our new model is to provide players with regular, open and honest feedback with the aim of setting expectations and improvement. With such a large squad it is extremely difficult for coaches to provide feedback with every player each and every week; therefore we are introducing this new process to provide us all with guidelines.

Our aim is to develop and improve everyone’s game and players should feel comfortable coming to any of the coaching staff for feedback and/or advice. Please understand this is for all players and its aim is to develop our players and make them more comfortable in their role in the team. The intention is not to make players feel uncomfortable and feel like they are being compared to others.

The process model we are introducing can be found below.

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BEFORE THE SEASON: Prior to the commencement of Vawdon Cup all players will receive a written performance evaluation review from their coaches. This review will importantly contain the following information as viewed by the coaching team including the players areas of strength and opportunities for improvement as well as an outline of the players role for the team in coming season.

DURING THE SEASON: During the season players will be provided face-to-face feedback with the coaches. Ideally this will be at training; however these discussions may also take place on game day and at other times. We will keep track of who has and hasn’t had feedback sessions and look to initiate based on this and at other times when we believe it is necessary. The player is also more than welcome to initiate the feedback session.This feedback discussion needs to, as a minimum, involve the following topics:

What is your current playing enjoyment level?
What is your preferred playing position? (this will avoid incorrect assumptions being made by coaches)
What are your personal short and long term goals?
How are you tracking against your pre-season performance assessment?
Are you playing your suggested role in the team?
As discussed with the coaches what is your personal plan to improve on your development areas?

After the feedback discussion players will have 7 days to enter the key points from the discussion in our online feedback database via this webpage. Only coaches can see your information, although when we see a benefit the senior playing group may be engaged if we believe this will benefit the player and team. The online database has a number of benefits. Firstly the onus is on the player to enter the feedback. It will be assumed that players that do not complete the online form are not taking their feedback sessions seriously and as such the coaches will focus their time on other players that take the time to follow the process. Secondly, by completing a summary of what was discussed, the coaches can review and ensure that the discussion that took place is accurate and being understood by both parties.

AFTER THE SEASON: Post season all players will be required to review their season performance online, whilst also being provided feedback by the coaches, with this information to be used for the next season.

*** Our online feedback database can be found via this webpage.***